《China Occupational safety and health situation》(2017) Project Progress

In 2004 and 2012,International labor organization and China Academy of safety Science and Technology Has organized the compilation of the 2ed of 《China Occupational safety and health situation》book.

December 1,2014,The new 《Law of the People's Republic of China on safety in production》Promulgation and Implementation,To further strengthen the supervision and administration of safety in production,To prevent and reduce production safety accidents,Protect people's lives and property safety to provide a more comprehensive legal protection, Also marks the government to building China adapt to the needs of the development of occupation safety and health laws and regulations system.

《China Occupational safety and health situation》(2017), According to the new 《Law of the People's Republic of China on safety in production》update Chinese occupation safety and health related information, Reflect the status and achievement of occupation health safety work period,And focus on the Chinese system of occupational safety and health laws and regulations system、Supervision law enforcement system mechanism、Coordination and cooperation mechanism、Technical standards and management system、Occupational disease prevention and control system and other information。


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