CASST assisting Shanghai Electric SEC-LOVE in safety and environmental system construction

China Academy of Safety Science and Technology assisting Shanghai Electric SEC-LOVE in safety and environmental system construction.

Since 2011, China Academy of safety science and Technology and ShangHai Electric sincere cooperation,Give play to new advantages of cooperation between research institute and enterprises,it start a new direction for the research and practice of the safety management model of large enterprise groups。In 2011, we through To evaluate correction in 2016 year,The system elements into the modern group management system, Optimize the formation of shared core values、Corporate Management Mode、leadership promotion、A full range goals and responsibilities、Vertical supervision、achieve the goal OF SEC-LOVE2.0 system. As shown in Figure 1.


Figure. A logical view of the SEC-LOVE system architecture

S- Shared core values

All-round practice “Human life is above everything” core values, carry out “Enjoy safety、green manufacturing、Create the future” concept.

Learning world-class standards,Build a system of standardized management to support the system、To the list of safety and environmental responsibility as the main responsibility system、Form a function system focusing on security and environmental protection vertical functional distribution, and an ecological management and supervision work pattern centering on group security and environmental work multilateralization and multi-dimension.

E-Enterprise grouping management and control

We adhere to give priority to practicality with the combination of commonality and personality, and centralization and decentralization to realize the requirement of Group management and control from the aspects of institutional construction and advance risk control.

C- Comprehensive standardization

Promote the productive and non-productive companies and enterprise、Team and Post“three in one”Safety Production Standardization,Explore standardization running star standard on the basis of compliance management,Implementation of intelligent control mode、Investment guarantee standardization.

L- Leadership of safety development

Enhance the leadership ability to lead on the work of Safety and environmental. From ShangHai Electric Leadership at all levels、 

All levels of management to do“To be safe、Understand safe、Will be safe”, to achieve safe production and environmental protection management of ecological construction.

O- Omni bearing goals and responsibilities

All levels to promote the vertical and horizontal list of 

responsibilities of various departments, Build processes and results、Commonness and individuality of combining target assessment system,Constructing a virtuous circle of reward and punishment mechanism.

V- Vertical supervision

Through Vertical supervision by Group,To achieve the safety of production and environmental protection risk of the guiding、Professionalization、Targeted management.Improve professional supervision、scientific level of inspection and testing, To ensure the safe production and environmental protection work to run the flattening and implementation.

E- Expectable vision

Through the continuous operation of the system, Deepening hierarchical classification control, promote A,B,C three types of enterprise safety and environmental protection level of the realization of cascade vision.


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