“Control Technology of Chrysotile Occupation Hazards Communication” Delegations Report

During June 18th to 25th, 2017, Chinese Academy of Safety Science Technology was invited by International Chrysotile Association to visit Russia and Switzerland for researching and exchanging policy, technology and method of safe use of chrysotile. Members of the delegation were Liu Baolong and Gaoziqing.

The first place which the delegation visited was the Russian Orenburg Mineral company. This company was founded in 1961, engaged in mining and processing of mineral chrysotile, is major chrysotile production and processing enterprises in Russia. 

Chrysotile open space mine diameter reaches 1 kilometer, depth reaches 500 meters, The internal, periphery and the city area air quality is very good, chrysotile fiber concentration is controlled under the occupational exposure limit. The Orenburg Minerals Corporation regularly arranges professional testing to check the chrysotile fiber concentration in the interior, the surrounding area of the mine and the downtown area. 


 The Orenburg Minerals Corporation attaches great importance to the health of its employees and has adopted a variety of methods to prevent occupational hazards associated with chrysotile. First of all, in mining, crushing, screening and other links, adhere to wet operation. Take the way of sealing operation for transport workers, through the special closed transport trucks to isolate workers and asbestos dust. Central monitoring dispaly the production line. Reduce the number of workers exposed to chrysotile by means of mechanical automation. A large number of ventilation and protection facilities are installed in the whole production line of the factory. Orenburg Minerals Company consolidated waste chrysotile to avoid dust and monitor concentration of chrysotile in the air to keep under the occupational exposure limit.


 In chrysotile packing and transport link, chrysotile fibers are compressed into blocks, which effectively prevent dust, and mechanical automation equipment are used for bagging, weight monitoring, belt transport, stacking, package and transportation.


 Orenburg Minerals Cooperation also make advanced production of chrysotile fiber. One of the main products add chrysotile into asphalt to increase the hardness of pavement, also is waterproof, heat insulated, anti-abrasion, anti-aging. Another major product is a cement tile made of chrysotile fiber, used to cover the roof and walls of houses to achieve heat insulation and fire protection.


 Orenburg Mineral Cooperation assumes a major social obligation and responsibility, in addition to ensure that the living environment of local residents for chrysotile fiber pollution, and provides the perfect occupation disease diagnosis site and equipment for employees. In addition to heart and lung routine examinations and treatments, the site includes massage, spa, and other physiotherapy treatments to improve lung function of workers.


 And then, delegation visted the Russian Medical Science Academy and Occupation Health Research Institute, which was founded in 1944. It is the official institution which is responsible for occupational health supervision work, responsible for the occupation health standards, occupation exposure limit setting, Affiliated clinical hospital is responsible for diagnosis and treatment of occupation al disease.

The IUCN(the brief of International Union for Conservation of Nature) was founded in 1948, and its mission is to influence, encourage and assist society in the conservation of nature around the world, to ensure that the use of any natural resource is reasonable and ecologically sustainable.

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