LRF is funding CASST for a research programme entitled “Emergency Preparedness: Methodology, international best practices, and applications in China”.

Lloyd’s Register Foundation (LRF) is funding China Academy of Safety Science and Technology (CASST) for a research programme entitled “Emergency Preparedness: Methodology, international best practices, and applications in China”. 

The research programme was started from 1 November 2017 with duration of 22 months. A kick-off meeting for this first-of-its-kind research programme in China was held in Beijing on 24 November 2017. Systematic research work on emergency preparedness is urgently needed in China particularly in the downstream and chemical industries. This research programme is first of its kind in China, and it is to be performed by CASST. The CASST is the largest research institute in China for safety science and technologies. Receiving funding from a charity organization (LRF) to perform research study is also first of its kind in the history of the CASST. 

The kick-off meeting was well represented by high level officials from the safety regulators in China, e.g. Vice Minister Mr. Sun Huashan from the State Administration for Work Safety (SAWS), and Vice Director Mr. Wang Haijun from the National Administration for Work Safety Emergency Response (NAWSER). Director General of CASST Mr. Zhang Xingkai was also present at the meeting. There are other officials from SAWS such as Director of international cooperation Mr. Yang Zhihui, Director Ms. Shi Yanping, and Mr. Wang Hao from NAWSER. Key project team members from CASST also attended and presented at the meeting. 

From the LR side Senior Vice President Bjørn Inge Bakken from Lloyd’s Register Group, also representing Lloyd’s Register Foundation, addressed at the meeting. Operations manager Mr. Wenbo Jiang, Director Helen Yang, Dr. Haibo Chen from Lloyd’s Register Energy, Risk Management Consulting Beijing office, were also at the meeting. 

The objectives of research programme, scope of work, methodology, key project deliverables and milestones, were presented by the project manager, Dr. Shi Xunxian, Director of the Institute of Industry Safety in CASST. The presentation was well received by all participants. 

A brief presentation of Lloyd’s Register Foundation was also given to all participants. It was emphasized by Mr. Bjørn Inge Bakken that the impact on public and excellence of research are two criteria for selection of the research project to sponsor by the foundation. And it is expected that this research programme will not only generate timely findings for the benefit of Chinese industries on emergency preparedness, but also to share these findings with the counties in the Southeast Asia and the countries along one belt one road. 

Vice Minister Mr. Sun Huashan thanked LR Group and LRF for many years’ supporting safety in China. He also congratulated the team on start of this unique research programme. He expected that the outcome should not only be in theory, but make real difference on improving emergency preparedness and response in the industries. Mr. Sun also emphasized that SAWS and NAWSER will support this research programme technically and financially. Providing that there are useful outcomes achieved along the way, SAWS and NAWSER will roll out the good practices across China, and share internationally with the neighbouring countries.  


A few pictures below from the meeting:



SVP B. I. Bakken 


Vice Minister Sun Huashan


Meeting in progress

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