Slope Radar of CASST Participated in Emergency Rescue of Lishui Landslide, Zhejiang Province

At 13:50 on November 13, landslides occured in Lidong Village Yaxi Town Liandu District Lishui City, resulting in 27 houses were buried. Till to 21 pm, the number of victims rose to 23, 14 were missing.

In order to avoid the secondary landslide disaster during the rescue and to ensure the safety of the rescuers, the Chinese Academy of Science, the Provincial Government Emergency Office and the Zhejiang Provincial Administration of Work Safety Bureau and other departments, dispatched four researchers and rushed to the disaster area with S-SAR-type radar to relief site.

On the afternoon of Nov. 14, the pre-monitoring personnel arrived at the scene to complete the landslide survey, radar station location, site formation, parameter selection, program development, electricity protection and so on. At 4:00 on the 15th, all components of the radar system arrived, 9:00, the slope radar system has been located. 10:00, the slope radar installation is completed, start real-time monitoring of landslide disasters, updated the collection data in every 10 minutes to protect the rescue work. As at 3:00 on the 16th, the slope radar monitoring group has been reported to the disaster relief headquarters 3 times.

Zhejiang Province Safety Supervision Bureau, Lishui City Safety Supervision Bureau have given full support and protection for the relief monitoring work.






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