Journal of Safety Science and Technology

Journal of Safety Science and Technology serves for research in the science and technology of human and industrial safety. It extends from safety of people at work to other spheres, such as transport, energy or infrastructures, as well as every other field of hazards may occur. 

Journal of Safety Science and Technology is sponsored by China Academy of Safety Science and Technology and State Administration of Work Safety and founded in 1981, which is formerly known as "Labor Protection Science and Technology". The editor-in-chief is Professor Xing-kai Zhang. The Editorial Board of Journal of Safety Science and Technology is composed of by higher academic attainments of well-known experts, scholars and safety production safety management experts. Professor Qun-peng Zhong, the Academician of China Engineering Academy, serves as the director of the committee.

Journal of Safety Science and Technology is selected as the Core Chinese Journals, the Key Magazine of China technology (CSTPCD), RCCSE Chinese Core Journals (A), Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD) and a member of China Academic Journal Abstract Database core board (CSAD- C),while being indexed by American Chemical Abstract, the Cambridge Scientific Abstract Database.

Journal of Safety Science and Technology is multidisciplinary. Its contributors and its audience range from social scientists to engineers. The journal covers basic research and applied technology research. It focus on industrial safety and health, important and difficult problems of the public safety fields, encourages academic exploration and technological exchanges. With science and technology innovation as the guide, pay attention to the practicability and guidance, for scientific research and enterprise, actively promote the latest research results at home and abroad, the development of safety science, and boost safety production.

Journal columns include "Academic Works", “Modern Occupational Safety and Health Management and Technology", "Information and Dynamic". It mainly publishes papers about "Safety Science and Technology" of the National Standard Level subjects and Labor Health, Safety in Mines, Traffic and Transportation Safety Engineering, Nuclear Power Plant Safety, Safety Law and other related subjects.

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