Brief Introduction


China Academy of Safety Science and Technology (hereinafter referred as “CASST”) is a comprehensive public nonprofit scientific research institution directly affiliated to the State Administration of Work Safety (hereinafter referred as “SAWS”). The history of CASST can be traced back to the establishment of the Municipal Institute of Labor Protection of State Bureau of Labor in 1980. 

With missions to push forward the Work Safety science and technology advancement and technological innovation by implementing the strategy of “Enhancing Safety through science and technology” based on fundamental, comprehensive and forward-looking scientific research in the field of occupational safety and health, CASST aims at solving major and critical technological issues involving prevention, monitoring, early-warning and emergency rescue of major accidents, etc.

CASST has over 400 professional employees, with 72 Ph.D., 114 Master's, and more than 130 senior technical titles. In professional employees, three people are selected in Talent Project in the New Millennium, five people acquired Special government allowances of the State Council, one person awarded National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholar. 

Thirty-eight members are selected as experts by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and 11 of them are still actively involved in research. The Graduate School of CAAS (GSCAAS) cultivates exceptional research talents. The school currently enrolls more than 4,300 students in its 65 Master's, 53 Ph.D., and nine postdoctoral research programs.

By sticking to the development concept of scientific research and innovation, technical service, talent cultivation and achievements application, CASST provides its scientific and technological supports for the government’s Work Safety supervision and management efforts, provides technical services for enterprises’ work safety, occupational health, emergency management and safety of the nation’s major engineering projects, and conducts safety science and technology communication and cooperation, cultivates distinguished talents required in the field of occupational safety and health.

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