Main Responsibilities

Research on Safety Science, Laws and Regulations, Standards and Policy

Conduct research of the theories and policies on occupational safety and health; provide technical supports for the development and improvement of work safety doctrines, and for the enactment of work safety laws, regulations, standards, policies, strategies and planning.

Research and Development of Key Technologies and Pilot Projects of Work Safety

Conduct general, critical and forward-looking technological research on Work Safety, develop new technologies, new processes, new equipment and new materials, and promote the application of advanced and practical technological achievements, so as to provide technical support for work safety. 

 — Research on Accident Prevention and Safety Engineering Technologies

Conduct relevant research and drafting of technical standards on accident prevention, monitor and control, risk assessment and other technical studies in the fields of mines, dangerous chemicals, public infrastructure and gathering places, urban rail transit, commerce and industry.

 — Research on Major Hazards Identification & Evaluation and Monitoring Technologies

Conduct research on major hazards identification & evaluation and monitoring technologies, provide technical support for establishing major hazards monitoring and early-warning systems.

 — Research on Major Accident Simulation & Analysis and Emergency Rescue Technologies 

Conduct major accident simulation as well as technical analysis and verification, provide technical support for investigation and analysis of safety accident causes as well as emergency rescue operations.

 — Research on Workplace Occupational Health Monitoring and Evaluation Technologies 

Conduct research and development on occupational hazard prevention and control technologies with respect to dust, toxicant and noise, etc. in the workplace environment, undertaking test, inspection and technical support for safety products, personal protection products, equipment and facilities.

Technical Support for the SAWS 

Assume the functions of the Secretariat of National Technical Committee for Work Safety Standardization; undertake the technical support for technical qualification review of safety assessment organizations, review of safety assessment report, registration management of certified safety engineers, technical qualification review of Work Safety test and inspection organizations as well as individuals, safety marks management of specialty protection products, etc.; and assuming various other works assigned by the SAWS.  

Technical Services for Local Governments and Enterprises on Work Safety 

Conduct safety assessment, occupational hazard assessment, management system review and certification, Work Safety standardization review and evaluation, Work Safety policy advisory, occupational safety and health training as well as other technical services.

International Communication and Cooperation in Safety Science and Technology

Track international trend of safety science and technology, introduce, digest, absorb and innovat state-of-the-art technologies in occupational safety and health, performing the tasks of ILO-CIS (International Labor Organization - International Occupational Safety and Health Information Center) National Center for China.

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