Honeywell related person in charge visited the Chinese Academy of Sciences

On the morning of June 7, Mr. Tong Gengsheng, Vice President and General Manager of Honeywell Industrial Safety Group, visited the China Safety and Security Center for Special Labor Protection Products (hereinafter referred to as Anbiao Center) The two sides on the special labor protection supplies management and other related matters for the exchange. Director of the Center Li Zhongxiang and the relevant staff participated.

Director Li Zhongxiang welcomed General Manager Tong Gengsheng's visit and expressed his appreciation for the achievements of Honeywell's safety protection and expressed gratitude for the good cooperation with the APS Center over the years. Then he introduced to the visitors of development process and achievements of special labor protection products safety signs management. LA mark has been widely recognized by all sectors of society, the vast majority of formal enterprises, especially large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, the LA mark has been the basic threshold for the procurement of protective equipment business. LA mark for the country's production safety work has played a positive role. At present, with the background that the government management are using as much as possible market means instead of administrative coercive means, the special labor protection products safety signs management model has also been adjusted from the original administration to adjust to the current third-party management model, but the standard and the threshold is not reduced, security standard center will further strengthen and improve the LA mark management, continue to promote labor protection in production safety accidents and occupational disease prevention play an active role in the force.



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