CASST undertakes safety assessment of E-W Line and N-S Line Light Rail Project of Addis Ababa

To ensure smooth operation of the Addis Ababa EW & NS Phase I LRT Project, invited and commissioned by the Ethiopian Railways Corporation and Shenzhen Metro Corporation Limited ("MTRC"), Traffic Safety Institute of CASST conducted safety assessment before trial operation.

The Addis Ababa light rail project is the first EPC project undertaken by African countries to implement the "one-way" policy and the country's "going global" strategy. The general contracting unit is China Railway Group Co., Ltd. The safety assessment of the Addis Ababa Light Rail Project is also the first project of CASST in Africa.

EW & NS Phase I LRT Project has a total length of 31.048 km, of which East West Line and North-South Line in the urban core area has a common rail section of 2.662 km, with total 39 stations, among which 9 underground stations, 2 semi-underground stations, and 28 ground stations. The North-South line is located at the southern end of the Kality depot. The east-west line is located at the eastern end of the Ayat depot. The control center is located in the Kality depot. A total of 20 across the board (two depots, the main line 18) substations.

August 22 to August 2015, the Chinese Academy of Engineering conducted on-site assess on the full range of 39 stations, 20 substations, two depots and communicated with the staff of project design, construction and light rail operation for further analysis and discussions, which has been reported to the China Railway Co., Ltd. At present, the assessment is proceeding smoothly.







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