Chairman of the Sataquinta District of Finland, and his entourage visited China CASST

On November 8, accompanied by Comrade Li Zhaoqian, the deputy director of the State Administration of Work Safety, the Chairman of Sataquinta Standing Committee of the Republic of Finland made a technical visit to the China Academy of Safety Science and Technology, including Key Laboratory for Monitoring and Emergency Response Technology of Major Hazards, and Key Laboratory for Prevention and Mitigation of Mined - out Areas. The two sides exchanged views on the main issues of technical cooperation in the field of production safety, ways and means of cooperation, and so on.

Mr. Zhang Hankai, President of CASST welcomed Mr. Hutaneh and his entourage, and introduced the basic situation and direction of scientific research, as well as the R & D achievements that have been made and are being applied.

Chairman Hutaneh appreciated China's efforts and achievements in the fields of production safety and occupational health, and said that it is impressed by the strength and achievements of scientific and technological research in the field of safe production. It is hoped that the visit will establish a mechanism for the exchange and cooperation between China and Finland in the field of safe production.

Finally, Li Zhaoqian, deputy director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences requires the Chinese Academy of Sciences to continue to maintain contact with universities and research institutions in Finland, learn successful experiences in occupational safety and health from each other, setup exchange and cooperation mechanisms and platforms as soon as possible in the field of production safety technology, try to carry out cooperation in the fields of Mechanized substitution, automated reduction of people, workplace occupational health, emergency rescue and personnel training and education.

The responsible officials from the General Office of the State Administration of Work Safety (the Department of International Cooperation), the Department of Planning and Technology, the Center for International Exchange and Cooperation, and the Chinese Academy of Social Security participated in this exchange.







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