Research on Construction of the Safety Management System of Polar Expedition

China Academy of Safety Science &Technology Institute of Public Safety assumed the "Research on Construction of the Safety Management System of Polar Expedition" project. The project is the first time to exploration and research on the safety management mode of polar exploration activities in China, which is to further strengthen the safety management of polar expedition activities, and enhance the safety management level of polar exploration activities. Then it can make China's polar expedition safety management standardization, scientific and institutionalized to prevent and reduce the occurrence of security incidents, and earnestly safeguard the safety of personnel and equipment of the polar expedition.


The project carries out the whole process and all-round safety management of polar exploration activities from nine aspects: Organization and Responsibility, Risk Source Identification and Hazard Management, Safety Training, Information Communication and Consultation, Operation Control, Emergency Management, Accident Incident Reporting and Investigation, Safety Audi, Continuous Improvement. In order to ensure the research results of the project can be in line with the reality of the polar expedition, our institute had twice sent comrades to participate in China's 32nd Antarctic Scientific Expedition and China's 33rd Antarctic Scientific Expedition in 2015 and 2016 respectively.





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