Urban public safety and emergency management technologies

Research and propose the core elements and methodology of emergency response plans, emergency preparedness system based on “Scenarios-Tasks-Capabilities” theory , develop an emergency response exercises simulation system, build up a emergency response management platform, provide theoretical methods and technical support for the preparation of emergency plan, emergency preparedness and construction of emergency platform for governmental departments and enterprises.

Develop on-site emergency rescue monitoring equipment and comprehensive emergency response commanding system for urban major accidents by applying a series of technical methods ranging from advanced network video monitoring, real-time data acquisition and mining as well as quantitative risk analysis and control, etc., fulfilling the functions of image, parameter and data acquisition and wireless transmission, gas release diffusion simulation, field disaster feedback and emergency rescue decision making and commanding operation. 

Major customers: Chinese Academy of Governance, National Workplace Emergency Management Center, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Administration of Work Safety, Nansha (Xiaohu) Chemical Industry Zone of Guangzhou City, Guangzhou Maritime Safety Administration, etc. 


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