Technical equipment for monitoring and control of typical toxic dust hazards

Develop a uniform airflow blowing-and-absorption type ventilation equipment, ultrafine particle high-efficiency cleaning and filtration materials, high-efficiency wet type dust collector integrated with three dust-collection mechanisms (namely, centrifuge, water bath and water film), as well as a series of technical equipment for toxic dust hazard prevention such as the novelty dust mask with a low breathing resistance, high logging capacity and low cost, etc.

The uniform airflow blowing-and-absorption type ventilation equipment is applicable for toxic dust hazard control in workplaces of gluing and grinding, welding and presence of organic solvents, etc. in printing, shoe making, baggage manufacturing, furniture making and metallurgy among other industries, which can be used for effective capturing of hazardous substances without affecting manual operation with the premise that the process conditions can be met.

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