Subway full-scale risk evaluation technology

A risk evaluation system focusing on subway safety condition demonstration, safety pre-assessment, trial operation safety assessment and safety acceptance assessment, which covers the entire range of subway planning, design, construction, trial operation and normal operation, has been established on the basis of the hot smoke test, fire model test, individual evacuation simulation, large passenger flow evacuation and transportation simulation, fire calculation and simulation, construction-specific surrounding rock stability simulation and analysis, etc.

Hot smoke detection technology and devices, ventilation and smoke exhaust with new technology against sophisticated subway station and tunnel fire, basic theory and computation and simulation technology concerning subway fire, individual-based subway evacuation dynamic emulation technology, subway evacuation and transportation safety analysis model as well as subway passenger flow dynamic monitoring and early warning technology as a part of the subway disaster prevention system with national and Work Safety industry standards have been developed. Which help solving the comprehensive risk prevention and controlling challenges of subway planning, design, construction and operation.

Major customers: More than 200 subway routes of 34 subway companies including Guangzou Metro Corporation, Beijing Subway Operation Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Metro Group Co., Ltd., etc.; Guangzhou Metro Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd., Beijing Urban Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd., CRCC First Survey & Design Institute Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co., Ltd., The Third Railway Survey & Design Institute Group Corporation and China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design Group Co., Ltd., etc.


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