Major Achievements

    3D laser scanner for mine goaf

    It's adopted Hi-speed laser scanning technology and drilling robot automatic control technology for accurate exploration of mine goafs inaccessible to operators. An inaccessible mine goaf within 200m can be measured through a 60mm drill-hole.

    TSF hazard control as well as monitoring and early warning technologies

    The technology is adopted the automated total station in conjunction with FBG sensor network to enable visualized monitoring of key locations of a TSF, and real-time monitoring of critical safety indexes such as TSF saturation line,dam displacement

    Regional risk assessment and industrial park safety planning technologies

    Take the lead in China to conduct research and application of regional risk assessment and land use safety planning technology, providing advanced operative technologies for risk management of major accident and urban safety planning.

    Major hazards control theories and technologies

    Based on researched, major industrial accident prevention and control theories and technologies have been setup in China, with major hazard identification, report, registration, assessment, classified management and monitoring

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