Major Achievements

CASST has offered consulting or certification service of Work Safety management, safety monitoring and control, emergency rescue system construction, major hazard identification and assessment, risk evaluation and safety planning, occupational hazard assessment and occupational safety and health management system for a number of national key projects and large-scale enterprises successively, including Three Gorges Project, the middle route of south-to-north water transfer project, Qinshan nuclear power station Phase III, Qingshuihe oil-gas tank farm in Shenzhen City, Ningbo Daxie Development Zone, Huizhou Dayawan Development Zone, etc.


CASST also provides subway safety assessments for more than 20 cities including Beijing, Tianjin and Shenzhen, etc., providing a safety technical assurance for the subway construction and operation. 

The CASST developes TSF safety monitoring and early warning systems  have been successfully applied in more than 70 tailing ponds including Shouyun Iron-ore Mine, etc., which triggered the thousands of tailings ponds across China to build their online monitoring and early warning systems, thus, ensured safety of the TSFs and the residents downstream of them. 

CASST participates in the simulation analysis, experimental verification and technical analysis of a number of major accidents, including “11.22” Qingdao East Huang oil pipe leakage and explosion accident, “8.2” severe explosion accident of Kunshan Zhongrong Metal Products Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu Province, “3.1” hazardous chemical blast accident in Yanhou Tunnel on Jin-Ji Expressway in Shanxi Province, “4.7” Qujing coalmine water inrush accident in Yunnan Province, “6.3” Dehui severe fire accident in Jilin Province, “9.8” severe tailings dam collapse accident occurred in Xiangfen, Shanxi Province, and so on.


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