Scientific Research Base


The “National Safety Engineering Technology Experiment and R&D Base” project undertaken by CASST is located in Miyun County, Beijing, which includes the Non-coal Mine Experiment Base, the Hazardous Chemical and Toxic Substance Release and Diffusion Experiment base, the Thermal Protection Experiment Base and the Occupational Hazard Protection Base with relevant auxiliary facilities.

The Base focuses on the construction of large-scale on-site test and inspection facilities for simulation and emulation of mine dynamic disasters, simulation of hazardous chemical and toxic substance release and diffusion, simulation of major engineering accidents and disasters, performance test and analysis of thermal protection materials and equipment, as well as prevention and control results of occupational hazardous factors, etc., so as to provide first-rate scientific test conditions for the Work Safety science research, supervision and law enforcement, trouble shooting and remediation, as well as major accident investigation and analysis in China.

At present, the first phase of the Non-coal Mine Safety Research and Experiment Base has been completed and put into operation, which is capable of major engineering verification and measurement technology test with respect to non-coal mine fire, water disaster, ground pressure disaster and explosion, etc.



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